Friday, November 28, 2008

Many apologies.

I've been bad about updating. I've gotten many complaints (sorry!) .. so I'm back now.
I've been super stressed the past few weeks .. nothing having to do with David or the girls though .. they're perfectly delightful as usual. Others in my life .. not so delightful. BUT .. I am hereby letting go of the drama. Now back to focusing on the things that really matter in the long run. ahhh.

To catch up (at least the few things I can remember at this late date) please excuse the stream of conciousness that follows.

Get comfortable... here goes ...

1. Reese and Kaelin are LOVING school. They are enjoying their classmates and teachers so much. Reese has a hard time when I pick her up at lunchtime because she wants to go with her teacher, Ms. Schenosky (or "Ms. Ossie" as she calls her) instead of me. Thanks kid. They have a music class on Thursdays that they enjoy and every night after brushing their teeth, they each take a turn singing us songs and showing off dances. Pretty cute.

2. Kaelin is begging for dance lessons. She really wants to take ballet .. but I'm looking for a class that incorporates a few different styles. Something tells me her famous "booty shake" might turn some heads in a strict ballet class.

3. This past week, Kaelin started asking me hat are plans were for the day. Whenever I would throw out a suggestion, her immediate response is the same ..

K: Where we going today Mom?
Me: Maybe the mall?
K: Hmm ... Will there be an audience?
Me: An audience? At the mall??
K: Yeah. Is there an audience there?
Me: Um .. I don't think so.
K: Okay .. I don't think I want to do that today Mom.
Me: Well ... what about going to the playground?
K: Yeah! That would be fun! ..... Is there an audience there?
Me: No audience at he playground babe.
K: Oh ... okay. Maybe we not do that.
Me: Okay .. well .. what do you want to do?
K: Maybe we go to the zoo!
Me: Maybe we could do that.
K: Yea! I'll tell Reesey!

(she runs off to tell her sister ... then moments later peeks her head around the corner.)

K: Mom?
Me: Yeah?

K: Is there an audience at the zoo?

sigh. I give up. I need to find out the age requirements for getting this girl on a stage .. pronto.

4. The girls teacher at school commented the other day about how great the girls are doing. She said that she's so proud of how they look after each other .. and at the amount of love they have for each other. They play with others in the class but if one senses that the other needs her for any reason, she'll run right over with words of encouragement or a hug. Of course, I see that here at home .. but it's nice to know that even when they are in a class full of other kids, they've still "got each other's back" so to speak.
She also said that she's impressed by their artistic talents and that they put far more detail into their drawings and paintings than other kids their age.

5. The girls had their first spend the night party at Grandma's on the 14th. David was in New York and I had a party to go to. It went well... up until bedtime. The girls were having too much fun to get to bed on time .. and stayed up until 9:30. By that point they were overtired and the meltdowns followed. Next time we're going to have a loooong talk about manipulating Grandma before they get to hang at Grandma's for the night .......... and maybe a shot of benadryl.

6. The night after that, David came back from NY and I headed up a little bed and breakfast in Dahlonega with my friend Laraleigh. Being the smart Momma that she is, she has arranged with her husband to take a few "Mommy trips" to keep her sanity since she has a house full of three little ones. Of course, her youngest, Julia, is just a few months old so she went too. My baby fever has reached an all time high lately, so I was more than happy to have some baby love! It was a nice getaway .. relaxing and fun even if it was just for one night. I'm now thinking that she definitely has the right idea and us girls (the big ones!) need to plan a few girl weekends here and there.

I've threatened begged asked politely for Laraleigh to let me "borrow" Miss Julia for an overnight visit. Certainly out of purely selfless motives. She's young, has three kids under four, runs her own business, blah blah blah ... so it's just me being a good friend and wanting to help her get a full night's rest for once. I swear it has nothing to do with any sort of plan to do a test run to see how well we fare with another babe in the house ....... nothing to do with trying to entice David with her adorable little face into adding one more kid to the mix ..... nothing to do with any sort of scheme to run away to Mexico with our new baby. Nope. Purely selfless motives. I swear. (Mental note: Look up the spanish equivalent of "You're right .. she doesn't look like us... but she's the spitting image her late Great Grandfather though.")
Somehow I managed to get her to agree to a FEW night over the next two months. I'm giddy.
The girls will have a blast too .. they love Laraleigh (they call her "LaLa" .. so cute) and ALL her kids .. but especially love the baby. (Perhaps because finally someone is more petite than them!) All of their dolls are now named "Baby Julia" and they play house with them every day.

7. The girls are potty trained! No more diapers around here except for sleeping (which should be going soon). We actually gave up diapers the day after the girls and I returned from our trip to stay with Grandaddy in September. It only took about a week and a half and was a super easy transition.
I'm so thankful that I just let them take the lead and let me know when it was time to go for it. I have two close friends that started their kids right at 2 (our kiddos are almost the same age) and they kept getting on me about it "being time" to get the girls started. I wasn't feeling it from the girls but I bought all the stuff .. potties, dvds, books, etc. It wasn't long after we had all the stuff here that I thought .. why am I letting them talk me into something that just doesn't feel right for any of us??
So I scrapped it and ignored the huffs and puffs of those who had kids the same age who were going through the process.

Fast forward a year and their kids were exactly at the same spot the girls were when we started the process in Sept. They had a year of frustrations, messy accidents and tantrums. I listened to them whine about being stuck in the house for weeks on end trying to get their kids on board.
When the girls showed their interest .. I got them panties and it took a weekend to really get them used to it. I'll take that over house arrest and stress any day. I'm so proud of them. (and dare I say, proud of me for following my instincts .. thankyouverymuch.)

8. Another big accomplishment is Kaelin gave up her pacifier. Since birth she has only used it at bedtime but was very attached to it. I stressed BIG time over having to take it away from her ... seriously ... you would have thought that I was trying to figure out a way to take her right arm from her. It was bad.
I started talking to her about giving it up when Baby Julia entered the world. I thought, "Aha! She can be a big girl and give her paci to a baby who needs it! Perfect!" After all the talks I got cold feet and wondered if perhaps she might hold it against Julia for stealing her precious paci from her. Not good. (Hey .. I already admitted that my thinking on this was a mess .. cut me some slack)
Then I remember the fairy house. I started to tell her about the "Paci Fairy". I told her that one night we could hang her paci on a tree outside and the Paci Fairy would come and get her paci .. then take it to a baby who needed it. The fairy would then leave Kaelin a "big girl present" hanging in the tree as thanks. She was all into the story the first time I told it .. then after that she was into it UNTIL I got to the "then the Fairy will take your paci ..." part. "Take my paci?? TAKE it?!?!"
*sigh* I kept at it hough ... all the while searching high and low for the perfect gift that would take her mind off of the missing paci.
IN the end .. all the stress was for naught. One night she went to bed without it .. an oversight on all our parts .. and that was that. No mention of it whatsoever until about 2 weeks later when just before falling asleep she said, "I want my paci" .. I responded with, "I'll look for it in a minute".. knowing full well she would fall asleep and forget all about it.
So, in the end, one day it was there ... the next day it was gone .. and I, nor Julia, nor a fairy had nothing to do with it... it was all her doing.

It seems that it's always the things I stress about the most that are the easiest things to remedy. You would think I would have gotten that through my head by now. Such is.

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  1. Your girls are adorable! My goodness, Girl, when do you possibly find time to Blog??!

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