Sunday, September 17, 2006

Some might call me crazy

I had a lot of plans for raising my baby when I first got pregnant. Of course, most of that went out the window when we found out that we were having TWO babies. All we heard from people was how hard it was going to be .. how crazy around here .. how exhausting. So I just kind of stopped thinking of how life would be because I figured we wouldn’t have the time or the energy for much else than just making sure the little buggers stayed alive.

After they arrived we started to think a little differently. For one, we decided against the night nurse that we had put on hold. Once they were here, I just couldn’t stand the idea of someone else taking care of them. They were mine and I wanted them to know that I would always be here for them .. no matter how many hours of sleep that took away from me. Also, I was fully aware of how fast they grow up. I knew that all too soon those late night feedings, just a baby and me cuddling in the quiet glow of the nightlight, would be gone. (Of course, I didn’t realize just HOW fast it would go by! Where did these creatures crawling and climbing and talking come from?!) We had some rough nights .. but looking back, David and I wouldn’t change a thing. I LOVE that we had that time together.

I had seriously considered using cloth diapers (yes, they still exist!) at first too. Again, the talk of “TWO babies .. oh my god your doomed” took my focus away.
There were a number of reasons to my thinking:
1) Obviously, the enviromental impact of disposables is staggering .. if you read up on it you’ll be amazed at how awful they are for our landfills. (and an interesting fact .. did you know that even on the disposable instructions they say to dump any solids? Raw sewage should be thrown in with the diapers. All of those diapers entering the landfill are in danger of contaminating the groundwater and spreading disease. ew.)
2) The comfort factor. Seriously, would you rather be wrapped in paper and plastic or cotton and fleece? Yep, I vote for the latter.
3) Financially, if you use cloth diapers from the get go it is sooooo much cheaper. A fact that can sway even the most reluctant dad!
4) Babies who are diapered in cloth tend to have no diaper rash .. which poor little Reese has had a few bouts with .. not fun. They stay much drier in cloth .. which of course goes back to comfort.
Not to mention that in this day and age they have so many styles and brands to choose from .. some of them are really adorable.

SO .. here we are a year later and the other day I remembered that I had considered that at one time. A lot of moms in a group for Atlanta Moms that I belong to use cloth and so after asking them some initial questions, I decided to broach the subject with David. He completely suprised me by being VERY open to the idea. wow. Such a good dad.

We are meeting with a woman from that group tomorrow who has an online store for natural baby products to discuss our questions, concerns, and to see if it may be a good fit for us. I think in the beginning we may try out the whole cloth diaper thing at night (again, because they stay so much drier in them) to see how it works. If we like it, we’ll add a few more diapers to try during the day until we feel comfortable in the whole experience. Ther are so many different diapers, techniques, and accessories that it can be a bit daunting to just jump right in… but I’m so excited that we’re taking the first step. It feels right.

I know that if we ever have a third little one around here, that will be the road we take from day one. I also know that I won’t have to listen to what others tell me to expect from a new baby .. or adding one while already having two here. Everyone’s experience is different .. and we have so been blessed with these two.

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