Wednesday, February 28, 2007


As all of you know .. the fact that our girls have come so far is an absolute miracle.
Their birth at 29 weeks held so many "what ifs" Back then, we had neonatologists explaining every condition, delay, and problem that the girls could face due to their prematurity. Somehow they have amazed everyone with their progress and the fact that they have absolutely no lasting effects of such an early arrival.

The work that the March of Dimes does made this possible. If it had not been for this organization and the work that they have done in the field of prematurity, chances are the girls would not have survived.
We will be participating in their WalkAmerica campaign this year in April. You can go to our site and help us out by making a donation in the girls name or, if you are in the are in the area ... joining us to walk!
Every little bit helps and can be instumental in saving the lives of babies who otherwise wouldn't stand a chance!


Then and now

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