Saturday, March 29, 2008

Neighbor Drama

Our neighbor has a son who apparently has aspirations to become a rock star. He has taken up the drums and formed a band. Now, I have to say that as an art major .. I'm all about any form of the arts being enjoyed and pursued. Here's where the "BUT" comes in .. During the day, he bangs on those things in the garage (sometimes with the door open) which is basically right in our back yard. Of course, the time he starts up is always right at nap time. Not a big deal for the girls as their room is on the opposite side of the house and they have a noise machine in there .. but for me .. ugh. That's my quiet time. I NEED that time to relax and regroup. Instead, I'm now treated to the torturous, thumping bass all throughout the house. It's maddening.
David also works from home, so you can imagine how it affects him too. He's just as annoyed as I am.
The big problem is that the kid plays those damn drums at night too. I'm not talking about 6 or 7 pm ... I mean midnight .. 1am .. 2 am ..
No no no.
We sent a very nice email to his mom, voicing our concerns about a week and a half ago and it seemed to drop off for a bit. His mom is NEVER home and we never see her anymore .. and honestly, I would rather go through her considering that I'm not far enough away from my teenage years to have forgotten that complaining to a teenager is basically only begging for two things to happen:
1. Your house to be rolled
2. The noise to get even more obnoxious.
We're not sure if the noise stopped for a while because she recieved the email and spoke to him (we never got a reply) or if it was just a coincidence.
Either way .. it's started back up after midnight again.
Grrrrrr ...
I emailed our neighborhood PACT officer asking for some guidance on how to handle the situation and his response was, "call the police".
Um ... aren't YOU the police? *sigh
Anyhoo ...
I hate to call the cops on him .. he's a good kid, extremely nice .. just with a bummer of a hobby.
David emailed his mom a second time the other night letting her know that if it continues, we'll be forced to call the police to issue a warning. (The second visit is a citation)
I swear .. I hear the "thump, bang, crash, thump, bang, crash" even when he's not playing. I can't take anymore.
We were counting on the fact that he's 18 .. or more .. and maybe he would be moving out soon. That doesn't seem like it's going to happen though .. I mean, he would be crazy to move away from a free party house since his mom has gone MIA for the past few months.

The girls and I were playing outside today and the drumming started. I, of course, get all stressed out BUT Kaelin hears the pounding and starts to squeal with joy. Next thing you know, she's dancing all over the yard having a blast. I had to stop her after a few brief minutes so that none of the neighbors would see her enjoying the racket.


To all concerned parties .. I promise to get the poor girl some dance lessons before I set her loose on the general public. My "Mommy love" does not blind me to the fact that ... whoa... someone could lose an eye. I'm on it.

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