Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our Easter plans ...

.. didn't work out as planned. That's all I can come up without using some REALLY inappropriate language.

The weekend before Easter was when most of the Easter Egg Hunts were held. We couldn't get out to any of them since Reese and I were sick. I searched and searched for some last weekend and finally found one taking place at a park in Buckhead .. sponsored by Peachtree Presbyterian Church. That really should have tipped me off to a crappy experience considering that's the school where I used to work. I won't bore you with specifics .. but when I quit, I went to the board and had the director fired. Vengence is sweet.
I digress ..

Things were off to a bad start from the beginning. I wake up late due to the fact that my alarm clock was set for PM instead of AM .. brilliant.
Luckily, David's alarm (which is NEVER on) went off at 8:15 ... Reese had been messing with it the night before and thankfully hit all the right buttons to wake me up in time to rush us all together and get out of the house. Smart kid .. she knows her Mommy can't be trusted when it comes to early morning stuff.
Finally we're all showered, dressed, and in the car.

While on the highway I glance in the backseat. Reese isn't wearing her glasses. Great. I ask her where they are and she responds, "In the kitchen." ugh.

I then realize that I left the camera back at the house too. Poo. The girls look adorable .. we're going to an Easter Egg Hunt without Daddy (he was on his way home from his golf trip that day) and he won't be able to see the festivities. Double ugh.

I reach down to take a sip of much needed caffeine ... and end up with coffee all down the side of my leg.
I would have just given up at this point ... turned around and gone home ... but I had two cute kiddos in the back all giddy and talking a mile a minute about the Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs, and their baskets.

We get to Chastain Park and meet my mom. She takes the girls so I can find a place to park ... which seems next to impossible given that all of the parking is on the street surrounding the park and there a thousand people packed in there. I'm sure I'm going to have to walk two miles from the car, missing the entire hunt all together. I go one street up and see a space.
Ah .. things are looking up.

Walk back to the park .. take the girls over to where there is music playing and realize I don't have my wallet. I had my license, keys, credit card, and phone in there. Noooooooo. I had it when I walked down .. so I start retracing my steps and looking all over the ground in a panic. Finally, just at the moment when I almost had an complete breakdown, my mom spots something on the check in table. Yep .. my wallet. Thankfully, someone had seen it and taken it to the organizers.

Okay .. once again .. big sigh .. I compose myself.

We line up and wait for someone to tell everyone to go. The girls are excited .. Kaelin is pointing out all of the eggs to me. Finally, it's time to go and they're off.

Now here's where Mommy almost COMPLETELY loses it.

It doesn't take me long to realize that the brilliant minds at Peachtree Pres. have created an Easter Egg Hunt for ALL ages. Not only that but the egg to kid ratio is ridiculous. About 300 kids with what looked like 200 eggs spread out here and there ....
Kaelin and I walking .. Reesey and Grandma are walking .... while 200 kids 8 and above are running like maniacs. Of course, all of the smaller kids are behind a huge wave of older kids .. no chance of getting anywhere near an egg. The kids are bumping little ones out of the way .. and I had one [insert choice curse word here] Mom actually grab an egg that Kaelin was about 10 inches from. I said a few loud words to Kaelin about etiquette and was flashed a lovely look by the woman. Bring it on woman.

Less than a minute into the hunt ... it's over. Older kids holding baskets full of eggs .. little ones looking around like, "What the hell just happened?"
The girls didn't even get one egg.
not. one. friggin. egg.
Grrr .....

Kaelin looked deflated.
It broke my heart.

I had to keep reminding myself that a church event, bitch slapping the organizer probably isn't the best idea. A passive aggressive letter will be written though. I plan on pointing out the error of their ways and telling them how last year, the BAPTISTS did it MUCH better.
So there.

The whole ride home the girls were asking me where the eggs were.

Luckily, I had bought some plastic eggs a few days before .. so when the girls took their nap I filled them with stickers and animal figurines (thank goodness they didn't bust bust Mommy for stealing things from the playroom to put in the eggs!), jellybeans and mini marshmallows. Whatever we had in the house that fit .. it went in the eggs.
I threw them around the yard and when they woke up I waited for them to peek outside and see them.
Kaelin spotted them first and was soooo exicted.

They grabbed their baskets and got to work. So .. not all was a complete loss that day.

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