Thursday, April 17, 2008

School Picture Day

Took the girls to school today for their photos. Once again, Kaelin posed like the supermodel she is ... and Reesey screamed and cried like the photographer was out to cause her bodily harm.
Looks like we'll have a second set of Reese's fabulous school pictures.
In Case You've Forgotten
This year's promise to be even better as she was WAY more dramatic and animated.
You would think that she would be well versed in the whole "say cheese" thing considering she rarely sees my face without a camera attached to it.
The photographer looked like she was going to have a breakdown until I started laughing and told her that yes, I wanted the screaming pictures! She said most Moms freak out and spend the next hour trying to get their kid to smile... refusing to let her take pictures of their kid's meltdown.
They're nuts.
I think pictures like that are hysterical.
Can't wait to see the proofs.

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