Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Easter Egg Hunt

(a little late ..)

We had such a horrible experience last Easter with the egg hunt at Chastain ... so this year we decided to wait a week and have K & R's best friends over for our own little throw down. (Can't beat the after Easter Clearance prices .. perhaps we'll shift all major holidays a week forward in order to cheat the system!)
The girlies had a blast ... and all went well ....

until ....

Two days after the gathering I got a call from Laraleigh. She was sick ...
then it hit her middle one ...
then .....
Stephanie .. (one day before her scheduled c-section!)..
and her little girl, Bella..
LL's sister-in-law
her little boy, Max ..
and then, poor Cooper got it too.


NO idea what it was that ran through the group .. but only our house and Autumn's house were spared...

until ....

David got it too.
Poor guy .. he wasn't even at the playgroup!
I haven't the slightest why the girls didn't get sick... especially when you consider that whatever made it's way through all the houses must have been left all over the toys here (and Daddy too apparently!)
Thank goodness .. sick twins are not easy!

So .. it was good while it lasted.

I think we may just skip Easter altogether in the coming years.

(If you haven't already figured it out ... you can click on each picture to view it larger)

Cooper is apparently unimpressed with my filler selection ...

Going through their baskets ...

Reesey doesn't know what happened to Luceas' chocolate .. (notice the overstuffed cheeks.. uh huh.)

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