Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kaelin is a rock star.

The girls and I headed over to Robert and Monica's house tonight for Robert's birthday. (What?? People don't take three year olds to celebrate someone's 33rd birthday?? Whatever.)
The girls had a blast and we stayed out way past bedtime. I followed their lead though .. they were going strong until about 10pm.
I've always called the girls rock stars when they hang with the "big kids"... and they've been throwing up the 'rock on' sign for years.

Driving home I once again praised their rock star status. They were in the back, two fingers in the air, shouting, "Rock on!" for about 6 minutes.
After that they crashed.

We got home ... I carried them both upstairs.
Reese was out cold, but Kaelin woke briefly as I put her in bed.

As I was leaving the room, I said, "night babe .. see you in the morning."
No response.
I started to close the door .. peeked one last time .. and then I saw it.
Kaelin's arm slowly rising up in the darkness.

There it was .. the rock on hand.


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