Saturday, May 2, 2009

SOMEONE is trying to give me a heart attack.

Apparently one of the girls has Mommy's sense of humor. Not so funny when it's used against me.

First .. a little background ..
The other day, I mentioned to the girls that I'm a tad freaked out by one of their dolls. It kept showing up in different rooms .. always seemed like it was staring at me .. and after a while, the look on it's face seemed to be a smug little warning. "Just wait until we're alone lady.. no one will hear you scream."

I grew up on 80's slasher flicks .. what can I say.

Anyhoo .. Thursday morning I took the girls to school and then came home to make my shopping lists. I was sitting in the family room when all of a sudden I got that creepy "I'm not alone" feeling.
I look up and what do I see sitting on the living room table??

Yep .. psycho killer doll.
(Reading a book, no less ... which totally substantiates my "it comes alive at night" theory.)

I don't know which one did it .. but one of them is in trouble.

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