Thursday, October 25, 2007

Let the festivities begin!

We had our first Halloween festival today .. the girls had a blast! They were pros on the whole trick or treating thing after David and I showed them what to do. It's amazing how long it takes a two year old to process how to pick up their toys .. but how quickly they learn to open their bag for people to throw candy in. I think we're being conned here.
Anyhoo ... we met up with Katie, Rick, Cooper and Layne there and saw a few other friends milling about.
This weekend the girls have a Halloween party at a friend's house on Saturday and on Sunday a Pumpkin Float in Grandmama's neighborhood. They also have another Halloween party to go to next weekend. Looks like we'll get a lot of use out of their costumes. The original idea for their costumes was for Reese to be the rabbit and for Kaelin to be Alice in Wonderland but Mommy had obe heck of a time locating a dress for Kaelin ... so we grabbed the kitty outfit on the way to the festival tonight. Lucky for us the girls aren't at an age where they care one way or the other!

Kaelin in her bunny costume

Kaelin learning the ropes

Reese and her reflection

With the cousins .. Reese, Layne, Cooper, and Kaelin

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