Tuesday, April 1, 2008

High maintenance

Houston .. we have hair.
We got a little girly yesterday after bath time. I blow-dried the girls' hair with a round brush and discovered that Reesey has hair! I mean .. sure, she HAS hair .. but it always looks so sparse. It doesn't help that all of her friends have full heads of glorious hair and have already had it cut numerous times.
I guess this means our morning routine just got a bit more complicated.

I swear, the girl is going to be shopping at Sephora by the age of five. She already uses Alterna's White Truffle shampoo and conditioner (in my defense .. the girl has some serious bed head issues in the morning .. the kid stuff just doesn't cut it). Now she's being styled for crying out loud.
I have a feeling I'll pay for this later on.

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