Thursday, April 3, 2008

New toy.

The girls discovered Max today.
Naven is usually their cat of choice because he talks incessantly and rubs all over them .. Cleo is a wuss, so she just runs and hides from them.
Max is usually outside or sleeping so they don't see him much. Today he made the mistake of trying to catch a nap on the sofa. Guessing he won't be doing that again any time soon.

Aside from a jungle gym, he also makes for a perfect movie watching pillow.

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  1. Caroline what an amazing site!! I am soo inspired by your work.

    I just made a huge long comment and lost it when I needed to create an account...should learn right click copy before linking elsewhere...yes, I'm not that tech sauvy so the work you've done here is way outta my league.

    Anywho..we're off on a vacation (after mommmyhood that should translate from R&R into W&F hellish amounts of work and frustration), but fortunately we are going to Chincoteague, VA on our 4th annual Spring Break Sans Kids!! Yes, a tradition I highly advise adding, especially if you are Blessed to have such wonderful surrigate caregivers...Endless Gratitude to M&D!!

    OK gotta clear the whirling dervish mode, but wanted to let you know... standing ovation!! So great to catch-up with you!