Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A milestone of sorts

A conversation with sweet, innocent Kaelin.

"I have jellybeans?"
"Nope .. maybe after lunch you can have one .. but not now."
She pauses to think this over.
"Mommy .. Daddy say I have jellybeans. I eat cereal and then I have jellybeans."
"Daddy said you have some jelybeans after breakfast?"

Hmm ....

Poor kid forgot that her Daddy works upstairs.
"Let me go upstairs and ask Daddy if he said you could have some okay?"

Kaelin .. again .. thinks this over...
and tries to change the subject

"Mommy .. we go outside now?"
"Let me go ask Daddy about the jellybeans first, okay?"

K looks sooo busted.
She utters a slow, "ooooookay" with a big sigh.


I suppose I'll cut her some slack on that one given that it was April Fool's Day.

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